Federal employee wins EEOC appeal. Complainant filed an appeal with the Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in response to the Agency’s Final Decision. On appeal, the EEOC’s Office of Federal Operations found that the Agency failed to provide Complainant with an effective accommodation. This was because the Agency failed to engage in the interactive process with the Complainant. Therefore, the Agency was in violation of the Rehabilitation Act. The OFO also found that the Complainant had failed to prove a hostile work environment and any harassment Complainant faced did not rise to the level of liability for the Agency. The case was remanded to determine appropriate compensatory damages.

Rochelle F. v. United States Postal Service, EEOC Appeal No. 0120171406 (Mar. 5, 2019) https://www.eeoc.gov/sites/default/files/migrated_files/decisions/0120171406.pdf

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